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Who We Are

Central Support Engineering Limited is a company dedicated to providing the best in Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial and Educational Equipment.

We are passionate about giving the best in project implementation and consultancy services.

To satisfy the growing demands for provision of alternative yet cheaper means of power delivery and other engineering requirements, Central Support Engineering Limited is set to:

To be a progressive company with clear vision of the future and be positioned as the leading engineering firm involved
    in solar technology and products in Nigeria.
  Strive to lead the way for Rural Electrification, Street lights, Traffic lights, Water supply, Rural Health/vaccine
    preservations, purely powered by solar energy.
To provide state-of-the-art science, engineering and technology laboratory equipment and training for tertiary
To create a management team with expertise to handle various responsibilities.

The firm is a leading supplier of Diesel powered Generators, other Heavy Duty Engines with after sale backup.

Mission & Vision